I serve as City Councilor for Ward 5 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. See my political website here.

I sit on the Rhode Island State Housing Appeals Board (SHAB).

Along with my students and the editors at RIFuture, I founded and direct The Prison Op-Ed Project, a program teaching writing skills and civic engagement to students living in  Rhode Island state prisons.
   -Read the series introduction here.
   -Read the Op-Eds here.
   -Follow the Prison Op/Ed Project on Facebook here and our Twitter at @PrisonOpEd.
   -Read coverage of the project here, here, and here.
   -I spoke on the Prison Op-Ed Project at Providence TEDx on April 9, 2016. Watch the video here.

I co-founded and c0-direct Conceivable Future, woman-led network of Americans humanizing the consequence of climate change. You can follow us on Facebook here, or on Twitter at @ConceivableFut.
   -"Baby Doomers: As climate change threatens to strain resources, women are increasingly reevaluating reproductive decisions. Now, these women are angry". Salon.com, January 29, 2017. Read here.  
   -"Women are breaking the climate taboo and questioning whether to have kids in such a world". Fusion Magazine, December 21, 2016. Read here.
   -"Our Planet is so Fucked that Some Women are Choosing not to Have Kids", VICE/Broadly, December 14, 2016. Read here.
   -"Worried About A Bleak Future, Climate Change Activists Hesitant To Have Kids", National Public Radio (NPR) August 28, 2016. Listen/read here.
   -"Should we be having kids in the age of climate change?". National Public Radio (NPR), August 18, 2016. Read here.
   -"How do you decide to have a baby when climate change is remaking life on earth?". The Nation, March 23, 2106. Read it here.
   -"Climate is so scary, it's making these women reconsider having children", Upworthy, October 13, 2015. Read it here.
   -"Conceivable Future: will climate change impact your reproductive decisions?" RIFuture, June 8, 2015. Read it here.

I play in the Extraordinary Rendition Band, an activist street band based in Providence, RI. Read an interview here.

I am a 2015-2016 Fellow at the Women's Policy Institute, the flagship program of the Women's Fund of Rhode Island, part of a coalition working to repeal the so-called "tampon tax" in Rhode Island. See press here, here, here, and here.

Along with a colleague on the City Council, I co-organize Crash Pawtucket, a monthly gathering to promote small business and civic engagement in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. See coverage of our kickoff event here

I was the state environmental coordinator for the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America from 2015-2017.

I was elected to the executive board of the Rhode Island chapter of the Sierra Club in 2015. 

I co-founded and am a core organizer for the Epic Skill Swapa skill sharing and building festival focused on creating a healthier and more habitable world. 

My other climate work has been focused around college and university divestment (read coverage here). Additionally, I have been heavily involved in organizing #NOXL, the movement against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. Read an interview here.