I am an organizational and development sociologist; I study organizations to better understand how they shape our perceptions, our values, and our behaviors. My research agenda looks at organizational forms and how they intersect with ethics, politics, innovation, and inequality in various ways; I am interested in how organizational decisions shape efforts towards development, both in the organizational field, and in the lives and emotions of people.

My teaching interests include: Organizations, institutionalism, political sociology, nonprofits, third sector, public service, social change, social movements, networks



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  • Joseph P. Healey Research Grant Program, 2019. $9,358

  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Department of Sociology, Brown University, Spring 2015.

  • Dissertation Improvement Grant, National Science Foundation, June 2014.

  • Joukouwsky Summer Research Award, Graduate School, Brown University. 2014.

  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Department of Sociology, Brown University, Fall 2014.

  • Steinhaus-Zisson Research Grant, Pembroke Center, Brown University, 2013-2014,

  • Feinberg Research Award, Brown University, 2013

  • Graduate Fellowship, Cogut Center for the Humanities, Brown University, 2013-2014,

  • Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy, Dissertation Research Grant, 2013.

  • Feinberg Research Award, Brown University, 2012.

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) 2011-2014.

  • Graduate Research Fellowship, Brown University, 2010-2011.

  • San Carlos Foundation 2-year award for US professionals working in developing countries, 2007-2008

  • Elizabeth Drew Prize for Best Fiction Writing, Smith College, 2004

  • Gertrude Posner Spencer Prizes (2 distinct prizes) for Excellence in Writing Fiction, Smith College, 200